SuperLuke Faces His Bully

Hardcover, $14.99 +Shipping/Handling

A Heart Ready to Fly

Hardcover, $14.95 +Shipping/Handling

Welcome to the Giggleheart Adventure Series!

This series of books is perfect for kids of all ages! Each book is full of scripture, God's wisdom and tons of fun! The underlying theme of each of these books is: repentance is the way to releasing God's joy in our hearts!

Giggleheart Adventures #2, SUPER LUKE FACES HIS BULLY, is here! It is about a boy who wants to be a superhero. However, he has a huge problem. He has a bully who leaves him shaking in his tennis shoes! Through this amazing journey, which is guided by the Word of God, Super Luke discovers how to become brave and strong! But don't worry; more adventures are on their way!

The first Giggleheart Adventures, A HEART READY TO FLY! is about a little girl with a huge attitude problem. She goes on an unbelievable adventure where she learns that God wants her heart and attitude cleaned up. Readers of all ages are crazy about this book. But don't worry; more adventures are on their way!

And remember, more adventures are on their way!

May your hearts giggle with God's joy!